Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Volcan Tajumulco

A Peace Corps buddy of mine, RJ, and I stood on the summit of the tallest point in Central America. At 4,200 meters, Volcan Tajumulco is situated in the western part of Guatemala. From the top (felt great to be at about 14,000 feet again) we could see at least three of Guatemala's more than 30 majestic volcanoes. We could also see the country north of us, Mexico, where Volcan Tacana lies directly on the Guatemalan Mexican boarder. We were in cloud cover most of the day but I was able to snap a few photos when it would temporarily clear. Unfortunately we never got a break from the clouds while we were on the summit. All in all it was a magical and meaningful day in the hiking boots.

As we enter nice hiking weather, I hope all of you make free time to get out and enjoy the wonders of nature. I recommend Richard Dawkin's new book The Greatest Show on Earth as reading material that will have you appreciating all of the biological diversity and will educate you on why it's here. After reading this book it is impossible for me to look at the world in the same way. The works of E.O. Wilson and Carl Sagan affected me in a similar way.

Happy trails and remember... UNGOWA!!