Thursday, May 14, 2009

National Crisis

As some of you may have heard, Guatemala is experiencing one of its worst political crisis in history. A few weeks ago a well-known businessman, Khalil Mula, and his daughter Marjorie were murdered. Their lawyer, Rodrigo Rosenberg, was investigating their deaths and on Sunday, May 10, he was shot to death while riding his bicycle. A few days after Rodrigo Rosenberg was assassinated, a video hit the media that Mr. Rosenberg recorded. In the video he accusses the president of Guatemala of orchestrating his assassination. I have been asked not to get into the details due to my position as a Peace Corps volunteer and writing about this controversial political issue can be interpreted as wanting to influence the political climate here which is not the purpose of an apolitical itentity such as the Peace Corps. If you would like to learn more about what is happening here regarding this cris, please search the internet for English language articles. If you are a Spanish speaker, you can read articles on

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